John Joseph Reilly's wedding suit

Contributed by: Quirindi and District Historical Society

John Joseph Reilly wedding suit - jacket John Joseph  Reilly wedding suit - front view John Joseph Reilly wedding suit - vest John Joseph Reilly wedding suit - vest front view John Joseph Reilly wedding suit - detail of shaped trouser cuff Trouser detail Inside Trouser detail
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Object information

Significance statement

These garments have historic, social and aesthetic significance, and are representative of men's formal clothing early in the 20th century. Their ownership by the Reilly family relates to Quirindi's commercial history. The Reilleys mens wear store in Quirindi is third generation Reilley and is the grandson of the owner of the wedding suit.

This store celebrates it`s 100th anniversary in 2011.

The main frabric of this suit is wool. The linings of the two waistcoats are cream cotton and the lapels have a silky feel to it.

There are two pairs of trousers with the outfit. The bottom of the trousers have been cut in a way that the back of the trousers are longer and cover the back of the shoe while the front sits on top of the shoe.

He was a fastidious man - hence the menswear store in Quirindi.

Author: Quirinidi and District Historical Society, 30th July 2010.


Jacket, trousers and waistcoat with additional waistcoat and trousers of slightly different style - points instead of curves at waist of trousers (back) and lapels on waistcoat. Shaped trouser cuffs to fit over shoes.

History and Provenance

Births, deaths, marriages, children or family information

The family, being in the clothing trade, have kept this suit as a memento of their grandfather for sentimental and professional reasons.

Do you have any stories or community information associated with this?

John Reilly was involved with the clothing trade during his lifetime, as were his descendants. His menswear store was in a central position in Quirindi main street (George St.) and has maintained a similarity of standard and presentation for three generations. It appears in "What's in Store?" pp. 80 - 81.

How does this garment relate to the wider historical context?

This suit illustrates a style of men's clothing for formal occasions (weddings) and black tie events (e.g. Lodge dinners). The variations (points/curves) of waistcoats and trouser tops create two different suits with a shared coat.

  1. Place of origin:

    New South Wales, Australia

  2. Owned by:

    J.J. Reilly, early 20th C: kept by son & grandson.

  3. Worn by:

    John Joseph Reilly

  4. Occasion(s):

    For his wedding to Edith Colley.

  5. Place:


  6. Designed by:


  7. Made by:

    Made to measure.

  8. Made for:

    John Joseph Reilly

Trimmings / Decoration

Lapels of jacket silk-like material.

Fibre / Weave

Trousers (2), jacket (1) and waistcoats (2) wool. One waistcoat has better quality fabric.

Cotton is used for lining and back panel of waistcoats.

Unknown fabric used on jacket lapels - silk?

All suit elements are black.

Waistcoat linings are cream.

  1. Natural dye
  2. Synthetic dye


  1. Hand sewn
  2. Machine sewn
  3. Knitted
  4. Other


Back of waistcoats cut on bias.

  1. Bias
  2. Straight


Coat fastening: button on either side. Not sure if meant to hang open or linked

  1. Hook and eye
  2. Lacing
  3. Buttons
  4. Zip
  5. Drawstring


coat trousers waistcoat
Chest 450 mm 600 mm
Waist 1040 mm 720 mm 820 mm
Hip 1060 mm 1020 mm
Back neck to hem 690 mm 460 mm
Back waist to hem 1110 mm 80 mm
Sleeve length 600 mm
Outside leg 1110 mm
Neck to sleeve head 150 mm
Cross back 340 mm
Underarm to underarm 460 mm
Convert to inches

1st pair of pants -

Round top on waist band where braces attach.

2nd pair of pants -

Pointed top on waist band back where braces attach.

!st waistcoat -

Rounded lapels

2nd waistcoat -

Pointed lapels

Dress Themes

Worn from 1909 for formal occasions

Additional material

Articles, publications, diagrams and receipts descriptions

Three additional pages from published local history giving background of the family business

Other related objects

The Historical Cottage Museum collection in Quirindi has recently been given the street sign from J.J. Reilly's store in George Steet, Quirindi


Some perspiration stains in jacket.

Some discolouration in lining of jacket and waistcoats.

Insect damage

Moth holes in trousers

Mould damage



  1. Excellent
  2. Good
  3. Fair
  4. Poor


  1. Discolouration
  2. Holes
  3. Stained
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