What are the benefits of being an ADR contributor?

The Register encourages a rich and detailed level of documentation. It unearths people's personal stories through the garment they wore, and links objects, collections and places involved in these stories. Museum workers and volunteers from the community where the garments belong can provide a context for the objects in their collections. By enhancing their practical knowledge of care and documentation, community history will be available for all to share.

Benefits for contributors include discovery and recognition of the significance of their collections, training and skills development in the care and documentation of dress and museum best practice, as well as providing corroborating support for grant and funding applications. The site and its extensive resources provides a valuable forum for discussion within the museum community. The audience includes students and teachers from a variety of disciplines, museums and local communities, family and regional historians, theatre/film industry, designers, clothing and textile manufacturers, shoemakers, costumiers, milliners, embroiderers, lace makers, artists, academics and other researchers.

How to be a contributor:

If you have a significant example of Australian dress, we encourage you to become a contributor to the Australian Dress Register. To do this, please apply for a log-in.


The Australian Dress Register is under the Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC). Images and record information will be used for non-commercial, educational purposes only. For more information on copyright, see the Terms and Conditions statement when you apply for a log-in.