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  1. Girl Guides Queensland Cadet Uniform

    Girl Guides Queensland

    Marian Langdon OAM was an exceptional person. Her dress is the only known Queensland Girl Guide Cadet uniform held in the State of Queensland.  The Girl Guides Queensland Archive holds a collection of the uniform worn by members in Queensland from the 1920s to the current day.  There have been sections for girls aged from five years through to adults in the senior level for retired ladies. Uniform styles were set by the founding organisation in London, U ... more

  2. Girl's "Fairy" Fancy Dress Costume

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    This garment is a fine example of a homemade child's fancy dress costume from the early 20th century. The costume was designed and handmade by Louisa Honora Wane (nee Killeen) for her daughter, Marjorie Lydia Wane. It was worn to a St Mary's Sunday School concert in the suburb of East Balmain, Sydney c. 1913 when Marjorie was 7 years old. This dress is an excellent example of pre-war fancy dress. Due to the temporary nature of children's fancy dress ... more

  3. Gold & Cream Silk Cuirass Wedding Dress & Shoes Worn By Priscilla Batham Buchan, 1881

    National Institute of Dramatic Art

    This gold and cream silk curiass wedding dress with train and shoes was worn by Priscilla Batham Buchan when she married Thomas Ronald McLellan at Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Pyrmont, Sydney, on the 21st December, 1881. Pricilla Batham Buchan was born to English parents in Sydney. Her husband Thomas Ronald McLellan was born in Scotland. Pricilla and Thomas both came from wealthy families, which is reflected in the style and quality of the dress.  Thomas McLellan made a good life ... more

  4. Grey silk and lace ankle length walking frock

    Richmond River Historical Society Inc.

    It is an example of the needlework of a young woman who was born in the last year of the nineteenth century and who loved fine clothing despite the humble life her parents lived. It helps to show the aspirations of the family and their determination to educate their daughter in dressmaking. This was considered to be a worthy attainment for a young woman who would marry and have children of her own to dress creditably. Frances' sister Jessie was ... more

  5. Hallie's Hat
    1960 - 1970

    Rottnest Island Authority

    Hallie's Hat was made by Hallie Margaret Stow (1876-1972) from seaweed collected on Rottnest Island. Hallie was a regular visitor to the Island between 1929 and 1970 visiting mainly in winter with three friends, Catherine Summers, Rettie McGibbon and Grace Davidson. They would take horse trips to the West End, and around the Salt Lakes. Mrs Stow made many such hats for family and friends. Hettie’s daughter Mrs Sheila Plank donated the hat to the Rottnest Island Museum This hat ... more

  6. Hand embroidered, Chinese silk wedding dress worn by Mary Box
    1913 - 1918

    Box Cottage Museum

    This wedding dress was worn by Mary Louisa Box nee Closter on the 12th June, 1918, for her marriage to Alonzo Box, a recently returned Gallipoli veteran. It is also significant because of its association with the Box family, an early pioneering family who emigrated from Sussex, England to the Moorabbin district, Victoria in the 1850s. The Box family were pioneer market gardeners who grew produce for the growing city of Melbourne. John Box 1841-1913 emigrated with his parents in 1854 ... more

  7. Hand woven and natural dyed Paisley Silk Shawl

    Private collectors

    The importance of this garment, especially within the family history, is quite significant. The story of its existence has been passed down through the eldest daughter and always referred to as "The Shawl". As a wedding gift, it would have been treasured by Jean Nisbet, and as a Mother, passing it onto her daughter, Allison, to wear on her wedding day, shows how it was. These types of hand woven shawls, where not cheap, and to have something so beautifully ... more

  8. Hilda Smith's black silk satin and lace dress
    1908 - 1912

    Griffith Pioneer Park Museum

    This dress is a significant example of a well provenanced stylish dress worn for special occasions by a pioneering woman. This well-made black dress belonged to Hilda Mabel Smith, nee Spencer who was born in Braidwood in 1884. The dress may have been made during a trip to Sydney between 1908 and 1912. Hilda came from a family of pioneering horsemen of the Snowy Mountains river region and married Neil Smith in April 1914. Hilda and Neil spent several years ... more

  9. Hyde Park Barracks convict shirt
    1840 - 1848

    Sydney Living Museums

    This blue and white stripped Indian cotton shirt was excavated from under the floorboards on level three of the Hyde Park Barracks, apparently near the staircase during restoration in 1980. The shirt is the only known intact example of the most common garment issued to convicts in their thousands. Striped shirts for convicts in Sydney are specifically mentioned in records from 1819, and convicts occupied the Hyde Park Barracks from 1819 - 1848. This shirt is one of the few provenanced ... more

  10. Iced VoVo Dress

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    The Iced VoVo dress by fashion label Romance Was Born is cheeky take on an iconic Australian biscuit. Designers, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are well known for their portrayal of Australian kitsch and use of traditional craft techniques. Shown at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2009/2010 as part of the Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells collection it was widely covered by both newspapers and magazines. This Iced VoVo dress is significant as an example of unique and original ... more

  11. Jimmy Sharman's Dressing Gown

    Temora Rural Museum

    “Who’ll take a glove? Who’ll take a glove? You’re a pretty hefty-looking customer.  What about coming inside? Bowl my man over in three pounds and I’ll give you a “fiver”.  If my man cannot stop you in three I’ll give you two pounds!” This dressing gown belonged to the nationally acclaimed boxing legend and showman Jimmy Sharman.  Born in Narellan in 1887, Jimmy Sharman developed a passion for boxing at a young age having been a ... more

  12. John Joseph Reilly's wedding suit

    Quirindi and District Historical Society

    These garments have historic, social and aesthetic significance, and are representative of men's formal clothing early in the 20th century. Their ownership by the Reilly family relates to Quirindi's commercial history. The Reilleys mens wear store in Quirindi is third generation Reilley and is the grandson of the owner of the wedding suit. This store celebrates it`s 100th anniversary in 2011. The main frabric of this suit is wool. The linings of the two waistcoats are cream ... more