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  1. Ellen Sharam's Olive Green Skirt
    1878 - 1900

    Griffith Pioneer Park Museum

    This bustle-style skirt was made and worn in the late 1870s by Ellen Eleanore Sharam, nee Wennerbom.  With its deep flounce and black, beaded braid, the skirt is a fine example of the elegance of the era and the importance of decoration on clothing, even for day wear. Born in Penola, South Australia in 1861, Ellen was the second child of Alison and Charles Wennerbom.  Her father had emigrated from Sweden, and her mother from Paisley in Scotland ... more

  2. Estonian child's National Costume
    1939 - 1945

    The Oaks Historical Society

    This costume is representative of a traditional Estonian folk dress from Tallinn. It is particularly significant though as it was re-created under extraordinary circumstances: during the second world war by an Estonian inmate of a displaced persons camp in Geislingen, Germany. The intricate method of reconstructing the skirt by sewing repurposed threads onto a backing made out of linen flour bags, as well as using leftover flour bags to alter the shirt, demonstrates how the mentality of 'making do' pervaded ... more

  3. Evening dress designed by Lisa Ho and worn by Delta Goodrem

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    Lisa Ho ran one of Australia's most popular and long-established fashion labels. A graduate of East Sydney Technical College, Ho produced her first collection in 1982 and by 1989 was recognised with a Fashion Industries of Australia Award. Ho has worked across all levels of the industry; designing, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing a wide range of womenswear designs including swimwear, jeans, daywear, active wear, evening wear and special occasion dresses. Ho's evening wear received prominent media coverage in ... more

  4. Evening dress made by David Jones Limited
    1920 - 1926

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    Born in Noumea, New Caledonia, in 1900, May Camille Dezarnaulds migrated to Sydney with her family in 1912 and lived in the harbour-side suburb of Double Bay until 1923 when she married the Hon. G.R.W. McDonald, local member for Bungara New South Wales. She purchased this custom-made dress from David Jones, probably to wear as her 'going-away' outfit when departing for her honeymoon. The garment would have been selected from a David Jones catalogue featuring a list and ... more

  5. Evi's special occasion dress

    The Embroiderers' Guild of WA Inc

    West Australian, Evi Ferrier, is a well known Australian artist specialising in mosaic artwork. Evi’s special occasion dress brings aesthetic brilliance together with social and economic awareness in a time of boom in the State of Western Australia. In the late 1970s Evi led a busy life as the wife of a Family Court Judge and mother. Through their daughters, she met Lyn Hughes, who imported top quality special occasion clothing from India. At this time, Melbourne artist, Bronwyn Baillieu ... more

  6. Flapper Dress of Marjorie Florence Smith
    1925 - 1927

    The Cavalcade of History and Fashion Inc.

    A Flapper Gown made of hand painted chiffon and beautifully embellished with sequins, beads and metallic threads. This softly flowing chiffon gown is known as "Autumn Butterflies" due to its patternation. Each butterfly is individually painted and embellished by hand. This gown is known in the Cavalcade collection as "Marnie". Marjorie (Marnie) grew up in a family that had status and privilege within the community. Her grandfather John Smith was not only one of the leading pastoralist but also held ... more

  7. Flora Mason's rabbit fur coat

    National Museum of Australia

    The Reg and Flora Mason collection (in the National Museum of Australia) comprises a rabbit fur coat gifted by Reg Mason to his wife Flora in 1945. The coat was tailored by Adelaide furrier Thomas Curtis Hunter from the skins of rabbits trapped by Reg Mason and his son, Murray, in the Reedy Creek area near Robe, South Australia. Introduction of the rabbit to Australia ranks as one of the most significant human interventions in this country's environmental history ... more

  8. Florence Austral red & black blouse
    1920 - 1930

    The Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles

    "The Waters of the Rhine seem to mount high, and over all rides the triumphant voice of Florence Austral as Brunnhilde. Her singing can justly be called queenly. Even after hearing the glorious singing of Frida Leider on other records, Austral's triumphant voice remains in the mind." -Neville Cardus, Manchester Guardian, 1928. Florence Austral was a prominent figure in the opera world in the early 20th Century.  It was in 1914 that Austral won first place in two voice ... more

  9. Florence Porter's Wedding Dress
    1909 - 1910

    Miss Porter's House National Trust Newcastle

    Florence Porter’s wedding dress is one of the most significant items in the collection at Miss Potter’s House as it marks the marriage of Florence and Herbert as the familial start point of the House and its people. Because there are exact details of the item’s authenticity it is a good example of a wedding garment of the times. Florence and Herbert Porter were married on 12 January 1910 at All Saints Church, Singleton and lived at 434 King St ... more

  10. Full dress tail coat and cocked hat worn by Jeremiah Linde Jones, Royal Navy Purser
    1832 - 1853

    Braidwood Museum

    This Royal Navy officer’s full dress coat and cocked hat was worn by Jeremiah Linde Jones (c.1796-1866), a ships Purser who settled in the Braidwood area between 1838 and 1845.  The design of the uniform is typical of the highly stylised and regulated full dress uniforms of the Royal Navy during the 1800’s. The cut, colours and trimmings reveal when it was worn and the officer’s rank and branch. The blue/black wool tail coat has a white ... more

  11. Full length Top Coat
    1942 - 1943

    Private collectors

    This coat and hat were worn by Nydia Ede, campaigner, volunteer and local politician in Broken Hill. Nydia formed the Women’s Auxiliary Branch of the ALP in Broken Hill and served as its Secretary, Treasurer and President, in which capacity she campaigned for women’s rights, particularly the issue of equal pay for equal work. Her political efforts culminated in her election to the Broken Hill City Council in 1962. In the tightly union controlled mining industry this was an important ... more

  12. Gillett Sisters' Charleston dress
    1925 - 1928

    Albury Library Museum

    This 1920s dress was donated by Daintry Heywood and she was possibly the owner. It was worn by one of the three Gillett sisters and is an important part of a significant collection donated to Albury City. This black silk taffeta dress, described by the donor as a Charleston dress, was donated in 1968. The style is characteristic of the 1920s with its dropped waist and loose fitting design. But, it is the aesthetic quality of the embroidery and beading ... more