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  1. Velvet Afghan Jacket
    1890 - 1894

    Broken Hill Migrant Heritage Committee (Inc)

    The significance of this jacket is still being researched. According to family members Shamroze Khan bought this jacket on a pilgrimage to Mecca; date unknown. However, in 2009 the Indian Consul viewed the jacket in the Broken Hill Migrant Museum and stated the jacket was too ornate to have been purchased during a pilgrimage to Mecca. Contrary to this opinion staff of the South Australian Mosque indicated the jacket would have been bought on a trip to or from Mecca ... more

  2. Violet Armstrong's Life Saving Club Swimsuit
    1930 - 1945

    Manly Art Gallery & Museum

    This one piece costume belonged to Violet Smith (nee Armstrong) who during the 1920s and 1930s established herself as a champion athlete in swimming, hockey, golf, tennis, athletics and riding in Sydney. During her life Violet had a lifelong association with the Manly area and in particular the Manly Life Saving Club, where this swimsuit originates. This swimming costume is an original Manly Life Saving Club silk racing swimsuit from the 1930s. Manly Life Saving Club was established after a ... more

  3. Voluntary Aid Detachment uniform worn by Nora Flynn
    1940 - 1945

    Roto House - NPWS

    This Voluntary Aid Detachment Uniform Dress is a rare surviving item of clothing belonging to Nora Flynn [1886-1978]. Nora was born at Port Macquarie and lived at 'Roto', the Flynn family home for most of her life. Nora was the eldest of six children born to John and Jessie (nee McDougall) Flynn and following her education became involved in many local community activities including the Port Macquarie Branch of the Australian Red Cross. Nora's involvement in the Australian Red ... more

  4. Waistcoat worn by James Butler

    Port Macquarie Historical Society

    This waistcoat is a rare provenanced item of men's costume in the Port Macquarie Historical Society collection. It was worn by James Butler [1828-1910], a New Zealand immigrant, at his marriage to Ellen Blair [1833-1901] on 13 December 1853 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Port Macquarie. The waistcoat is a good example of men's costume. With its silk damask fabric, corded edging, decorative pockets and fine stitching it makes a fashion statement and contradicts commonly held views that ... more

  5. Wedding Dress worn by Christina Winifred Howell

    Port Macquarie Historical Society

    This very simple looking dress reflects the bias cut, draped design and cowl neckline made popular in the 1930s by French designer Madeleine Vionnet. The dress was worn by Christina Winifred Nourse, known as Win [1905-1996] for her marriage to Ronald Howell [1910-2005] on 5 September 1935 at Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle, NSW. During the 1930s and particularly following the Great Depression 1930-1934, women's clothing began to be mass-produced. Large department stores such as Grace Brothers, Myer and Georges rapidly ... more

  6. Wedding dress and accessories

    Gilgandra Museum and Historical Society

    This dress and accessories are important items pertaining to the Gilgandra Shire being made and worn by the daughter of one of the early settlers of the district. On her marriage she became a member of another longstanding family in the area and their offspring continue to farm, live and be active in many public and social groups in the Shire. more

  7. Wedding dress of Mrs Rebecca Irvine

    Manning Valley Historical Society

    This dress is an important and well provenanced wedding gown. It was made to be worn at a celebration that would see the joining of two of the Upper Manning's prominent farming families the Summervilles and the Irvines. Upon examination of both Mary Halpin and Rebecca Summerville's gowns, we appreciate the economic growth experienced from the mid to late 1880s; pioneers harvesting the rich virgin hard wood and cedar forests around the Mid North Coast and in turn ... more

  8. Wedding dress worn by Isabella Elizabeth Jobling

    Port Macquarie Historical Society

      This petite and pretty wedding dress is one of the oldest in the Port Macquarie Historical Society collection. Isabella Elizabeth Jobling [1821-1883] wore this dress for her marriage to Christopher Dawson Fenwick [1815-1895] on 4 August 1846 at St Thomas' Anglican Church, Port Macquarie. The marriage was announced by a notice in the Sydney Morning Herald. The wedding appears to have been a quiet affair consistent with Church of England ceremonies of the period. The style of this dress ... more

  9. Wedding dress worn by Lena Campbell, nee Nicholls
    1908 - 1909

    Port Macquarie Historical Society

    This is a historically and socially significant and highly valued garment within the Port Macquarie Historical Society's extensive costume collection. It was made by a local woman Maude Keena (nee Cleaver) and worn by Lena (Selina) Nicholls [1889-1973] at her marriage to Joe Campbell [1874-1959] on 10 February 1909, Lena's 20th birthday at the Nicholls family home, 'Carlton', Hamilton (later known as Hibbard), Port Macquarie. The maker of the dress and the costs of the fabric used were ... more

  10. Wedding dress, Hannah Palser Prior, wool and silk, 1882

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    This wedding dress was worn by Hannah Palser Prior for her marriage to Alfred Matthew Adlam at Holy Trinity Church, Kelso, near Bathurst on 16 August 1882. The museum also holds Hannah and Alfred's wedding accessories, including shoes, gloves, handkerchiefs, and a wax orange blossom sprig worn at the neck of Hannah's gown, along with a photograph of the bride on her wedding day. The wedding dress and related items are well provenanced examples of an Australian colonial ... more

  11. Wedding dress, brown silk and green brocade

    Port Macquarie Historical Society

    This well worn and altered wedding dress is a good example of a woman's best dress worn as a wedding dress. It was worn by Maria Harper (nee Mulligan) [1856-1894] at her marriage to Samuel Harper [1855-1916] on 29 August, 1883 at Armidale, New South Wales. The dress is well worn, evidencing its wear on many subsequent occasions. This dress is also a fine representative example of a late 19th Century dress, with its well fitted front buttoning bodice ... more

  12. Wedding dress, slip, veil and bride record book
    1941 - 1956

    Brunswick Valley Historical Society

    The ensemble of wedding clothes and records are historically and socially significant objects held by the Brunswick Valley Historical Society. The ensemble includes a wedding dress, slip and veil and was made with precious clothing coupons for the wedding of Eunice Gray Mortimer and Oswald Edwin Douglas during WW II. Close to 60 brides borrowed all or part of the ensemble including around 20 such wartime brides. A miniature leather bound book accompanies the wedding clothes. Recorded inside are the ... more