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  1. Margaret Ewin's wedding dress

    Millthorpe Golden Memories Museum

    This bridal gown was worn for a society wedding which brought together two pioneering families, the Ewins and the Kinghams, from the Millthorpe district. Margaret Ewin was 27 when she married James Kingham on July 27, 1904. They were married by Archdeacon W. King-Howell at St Matthews Anglican Church, Greghamstown. The winter wedding in this region required a warmer fabric, hence the wool challis which would have been expensive. It is stylishly decorated with lace and silk ribbon, with a ... more

  2. Margaret White's WRANS uniforms
    1968 - 1972

    Australian National Maritime Museum

    These Women’s Royal Australian Naval Service uniforms, issued to Margaret Warene White during her service with the Royal Australian Navy, are a near-complete record of training and subsequent issued dress, work and physical training uniforms as well as cash allowance-purchased clothing of the late 1960s-early 1970s. Material relating to female service within the RAN has not been collected to any great extent by cultural institutions within Australia, and so this is a rare and special collection with an impressive provenance ... more

  3. Marjorie Boyling WAAAF uniform
    1943 - 1944

    Evans Head Living Museum Inc.

    This winter WAAAF (Women's Auxilliary Australian Airforce) dress uniform from 1943/4 is complete and in pristine condition. Marjorie Boyling, who owned it, would have looked extremely attractive in this smartly tailored suit. Her gift is an important addition to the WWII collection at Evans Head Living Museum which tells the bittersweet story of the war and the functioning airforce base and training facility there. Government uniforms are well marked with labels and handwritten information and we are able ... more

  4. Mary Cameron Murray Parkes wedding ensemble

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    This wedding ensemble comprising dress, kid gloves, shoes and orange blossom wreath was worn by Mary Cameron Murray at her wedding on March 21st, 1883 to Varney Parkes, architect, businessman, politician and son of New South Wales Premier and 'Father of Federation', Sir Henry Parkes. The four components, held within the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, are well provenanced and enable us to gain considerable insight into wedding fashions and practices in Sydney in the 1880s. Their provenance also reveals the intricacies of family relationships within ... more

  5. Maternity dress
    1820 - 1830

    Riversdale National Trust

    It is a rare example of early nineteenth century dress. The cotton print is vibrant and in very good condition and has been very carefully placed to match on seams and sleeve bands. It is entirely hand stitched. The day dress with its fall front would have facilitated maternity and breast feeding as women were frequently pregant and had many children. This style of dress was very practical and probably the norm rather than the exception at this time. Its ... more

  6. Maud Hodge's wedding dress

    Camden Historical Society

    This is a significant item in the Camden Museum collection because it is an attractive item, and a good example of the simple and elegant style of a country wedding. It has interesting layers of silk in the bodice and skirt, and net lace at the high neck and lower sleeves. It has lovely features in the embroidery on the central panels of the dress and the sets of hand-covered silk-thread buttons. Although it was worn in 1899 this elegant ... more

  7. Max Humfress V's swimming costume
    1906 - 1916

    Manly Art Gallery & Museum

    This very rare example of a young boy's homemade V's dates to around 1911. The images of 3 year old Max Humfress wearing them add tremendous interest and value to this garment. The provenance is enhanced by the appliqued letters 'MH' on the front. They are the only child's 'V's' and one of the earliest 'V's'- in the Manly Museum and Art Gallery collection. 'V's' are cotton, roughly made, V-shaped costumes for men from ... more

  8. Men's underpants made from tram destination roll fabric
    1940 - 1945

    The Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles

    Historic significance: The garment was produced during a time of austerity and frugality. World War II had brought about rationing on a national level on all commodities, from soap to building materials. Ration books and coupon books were the only way to purchase goods and materials, including fabrics for dressmaking, so women looked to other clever ways of making up for the shortfalls in their household requirements. This woman and possibly the other wives of the men working at the ... more

  9. Merle Hadley's Black Dress
    1954 - 1964

    Canowindra Historical Museum

    PROVENANCE: BLACK DRESS AND JACKET – ENID MERLE HADLEY. Enid Merle Hadley (known as “Merle”) lived in Canowindra from 1968 to 1971. Her husband, James (“Jim”) Hadley, was manager of the then Rural Bank of New South Wales in Gaskill Street. The manager’s residence was above and behind the banking chamber. They led a very busy life, actively participating in many local organizations and functions. Merle and Jim married in Sydney on 23rd September 1944 when Jim was able to ... more

  10. Mina Wylie's Olympic Blazer

    Randwick District and Historical Society

    Blazer worn by Wilhemina (Mina) Wylie, as a member of the Australiasia Team to the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm. This was the first Olympics where women were permitted to compete in swimming events, and Wylie herself won the Silver Medal in the 100m Freestyle (Fanny Durack won Gold). Given the blazer's association with both a prominent Australian sportswoman and a significant milestone in Olympic history, this garment can be confidently considered as historically signficant. The blazer also illustrated ... more

  11. Mina Wylie's Swimming Costume
    1910 - 1912

    Randwick District and Historical Society

    This navy silk swimming costume was worn by Wilhemina (Mina) Wylie. One of the earliest Australian female swimmers to compete at an international level, notably winning a Silver Medal at the 1912 Stockhholm Olympic Games (100m Freestyle) in addition to winning 115 State and National Swimming Titles and holding world records in freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. Though often overshadowed by fellow swimmer Fanny Durack, Wylie was nevertheless a successful sportswoman in her own right. Wylie and Durack's representation of ... more

  12. Miss Matilda Clarke's wedding gown

    Hills Historical Society

    This dress gives us an insight into the social history of the mid 19th century. It is a rare survival from the 1850s. It also has a good provenance that links it to a family who remained based in NSW since the 1840s. This dress was probably only worn for a brief period in Matilda's life (possibly only two and a half years) and was most likely put away as a precious object after she became pregnant with her ... more